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5 Samplers Holiday Set Gift Set

5 Samplers Holiday Set Gift Set

  • RM5900 MYR

About Yankee Candle Gift Set

Share five of our most popular holiday fragrances with this thoughtful gift set packaged in a festively decorated window box. Includes five Samplers Votive Candles, one each in Christmas Cookie, Balsam & Cedar, Sparkling Cinnamon, Magical Frosted Forest, and Red Apple Wreath.

About This Fragrance

Christmas Cookie—Buttery rich, vanilla scented, holiday sugar cookies.

Balsam & Cedar—Balsam, aromatic cedar wood, and juniper berry blend together in a fresh forest scent.

Sparkling Cinnamon—Holiday glow the spicy warmth of real imported stick cinnamon with a hint of cloves.

Magical Frosted Forest—An enchanted place where icy breezes playfully dance through tall, snow-coated pines.

Red Apple Wreath—A happy holiday homecoming with the festive aroma of sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and maple.

About Samplers Votive Candles

The votive form provides the perfect size to sample a fragrance and, at the same time, give a small room a big burst of fragrance. The wick safely extinguishes once all the wax is consumed. A perfect match to all of our decorative, votive-holding accessories. Samplers Votive Candles are 1.75 ounces. (Up to 15 hours burn time)

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